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September 11, 2008

The Endless Beginning

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Every day I travel by bus towards my workplace.I commence my journey early morning when there are no traffic jams,no congestions….The time of the day when cool,fresh air fills the atmosphere..The hour when the sun has just made an entry into the blue sky….

There are two different routes that take me to my destination ….The buses come at regular intervals, with the first route being a short-cut, while the second one being a long cut…….I prefer taking the long route,except for when I am really late and gotta catch-up with my office on time, I have no option but to get set on the buses which take me through the 1st route………

Now to describe my routes and why I prefer taking the 2nd route.Here goes an explanation to that effect…

The first route – where you can see our poverty striken India- Full of shanties, full of poverty,full of pollution.Where poor people sleep on the road,where you see people bathing and performing their early morning chores in nooks and corners.They leave no nook & corner vacant for their morning disposals.

It becomes really difficult for one to look outside the bus…Dnt know where your eyes lead you to……….Its like whether you see right or left, and try your best to ignore the scenes,it just doesn’t work,wherein people are defecating in the open…….I know this may sound a bit (yukkkkkkkkk).But this is the scene of our free India…All messed up!! What can I do?? Nothing but just wear on my Miami Blue shades and continue the sight seeing…Oh yes,I am blessed now,as my Ipod and Jeferry Archer keep me busy and I can ignore this scene with ease…Sometimes, I do feel sad about those poverty striken people…As,I know they are not the only ones to be blamed for it…..Its the government, its the lack of education,lack of hygiene facilities available at their end…..Oh Gosh!! Lets not go deep into that..As this is just a never ending topic..And we can talk about it for long without coming up with solutions and a conclusion..I am diverting from my purpose of writing…..

Now,let me tell you about my second route – Just thought of sharing this ……

Its an experience in itself to experience “Height”……… What a feeling it is to cross the unwinding, twirling bridge starting from Bandra towards Santacruz Airport.Some might have passed it,some might not have got a opportunity to pass it…..Those who have passed it would be able to relate to what I have to say in this post, while those who haven’t passed the bridge, better do so soon….As they have missed on a great experience….But yep….surely this piece of mine will take you on the bridge…..will give you a snapshot of what I mean….

I try my best to catch the route that takes me to a height ..The route that gives a boost to my confidence…..Yes, the one that passes through the twirling bridge..I always carry my ipod and a book thinking that I will need it..But bet it, the need just doesn’t arise…As there are better things to do, better things to look at…Cant miss on it…..

At the apex of the bridge,I see fire brigade officials march-passing at the orders of their Head, performing their dummy stunts…Sometimes,I also see them hoisting the national flag and singing the National Anthem……Though I can just hear a few verses..It makes me feel so proud, I just feel like joining them…..But thats just a short lived fantasy…….

Then the bus reaches a height where I feel I have entered “Dwarfism” and I am the only Giant ..While the cars and bikers are dwarfs in front of me.I feel so good.I feel as if I am ruling the world from above……Its even better if I get stuck up with a signal.Then,this feeling stays for long………..

When the bus moves even further,where I am surrounded by huge hoardings…….My Dwarfism phase vanishes and I feel I am now a Dwarf in the world of Gigantism…n the Giant advertisements rule me….Some of these hoardings have awesome ads on them….You just cant ignore them…..My favourite ad is the one of Vodafone( where a dog gives first-aid help to a cute girl)..It teaches us so much.It signals human to be human,in a world where humans dont help their own kinds….where Humanity is a vanishing value………

I also see huge skyscrappers and corporate offices when the bus moves almost at the tip of the bridge.I just cant wait to reach there….reach the top level….achieve that Height in life……Where I will rule…Where I will be looked upto by someone…..Where I will be someone’s “idol”…..

Then the bus takes a right turn, where I meet a red signal everyday…..Now I feel that this signal is an obstacle..It signals me that Hey Girl come down to earth,come down to start the climb again…….It signals me that there is no direct highway to achieve your goals… needs to go a bit slow with things..One will be surrounded by such obstacles,such signals…..and one has to learn, not to live with it…but to face it and move on……….

Now the Bus enters BKC…..The lane where my workplace is located….But this is not the end of my experience(though it may sound like one)……I still have two stops to go…These two stops teach me the most imp lesson of my life….I learn that it is the beginning of 8+ rigiourous hours of work,8+ hours of knowledge gain…These 8 hours have a lot to give me….So, I better get out of this highway fantasy and get prepared to grab the opportunities that are awaiting my way….

So,here I conclude the “Endless Beginning”…….

August 11, 2008

Rain,Rain,Come Again!!

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The Clouds thunder

As if crying in pain,

Passing the sufferings to the earth,

In the form of droplets of Rain,

One long thundering downpour,

These petty droplings make a chain,

In which,one and all drain.


Here comes the season of Rain,

Priceless is the fun that we gain,

Dancing in muddy water,

Making paper boats,

Playful jumping in the Potholes,

Singing “Rain Songs”

Children become insane.

This is one side of the rain.


Now let us see the other side,

Crowded trains,

Wet lanes,

Where all our clothes get stained,

We try to escape it all,

With windsheaters on and umbrellas open,

To protect oneself,

But all this protection goes in vain.

But this is the real essence of monsoon that we shame………..


But, with all Pro’s and Con’s,

Rain,Dear Rain you are always welcome,

So,please do come,do come,do come again…………….



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 (This one was written , when things were going wrong around me.But, the scene is not the same anymore)








When I need someone to share,

No one is there,

I turn around and cry for thy,

But no one responds to me….


When I need a shoulder to cry,

No one even gives it a try,

No one bothers to think,

For when they need me,

To my knees I almost sink……….


I don’t know why,

This happens with me,

I think the error lies within me……….


I don’t know why people act so kiddish, so immature,

There’s some kind of insecurity, within them for sure…

I never give them a chance to complain,

For breaking someone’ feelings, I have nothing to gain…


Infact, I go ahead and apologize for the mistakes, I haven’t done…….

I go back to them,

To the people who give me pain and stamp……

I do this Cause, I believe in one think……


Once you succeed in giving your 100%,

Without expecting even a cent in return,

You have passed the test of Humanity with a distinction………….

So, give in your Body, Heart and Soul……….

And leave the Rest to the almighty to behold……….

June 7, 2008

My Marathon!!

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I am running and running and running….

Life at every stage is a marathon for me,

Running on a long-winding road,

Full of up and downs,

Full of turmoil and misery,

I am not talking about the marathon-

That international event,

Not the one that is ran every year.

Let me explain – what I have to say.


I am running day in and day out,

Oh! No, not on the tar road,

I am talking about the run, the moment I wake up,

At the irritating tring-tring of the alarm clock.

The moment the first rays of sun reaches my windowpane,

The moment I start the hectic day ahead.

I am on a budge to get ready,

I catch hold of a cup of tea and a piece of toast,

That’s half eaten on the way,

To catch the crowded buses and trains,


I run against time, to reach my workplace,

Well before others, to avoid being included in the typical bunch of latecomers,

I run all around, to the yelling orders of my superiors,

I run breathless, to finish work on time,

To get appreciated for the same,

I am a total workaholic – some say,

No time for lunch at times,

Or I have a working lunch, which my boss does all the time,

No time to laugh at the jokes,

That my colleagues crack,

I feel he has all the time in the world,

While I am fighting for,

2 more hours to be added,

To the existing 24.

Its always extended hours of working for me,

At my will,

No one forces me to work,

But I still do it, still crib about shortage of time.


Now its time to leave,

To get back on the streets.

To start the run back for buses, taxis, the lifeline locals,

Its time to go home.


While I race with the bus and get in it,

I run again to catch hold of a seat,

Before someone else runs for it,

Now I sit and think……..

For what is this run?

For whom is it?

For nothing, for no one,

To reach home, to rest, to get ready….

For what?

For nothing …… but for the next days marathon………

This is my life.

Total waste………..Total Lifeless……….


This thought is short lived,

As I get off the bus,

Rush home, eat, sleep……

Coz no matter what the grouch,

The reality is that we’re all headed to work tomorrow….


What a feat!


“Life has something to teach you every moment, so you never know ,this run too has hidden meanings and lessons to teach……..So enjoy every moment , every run!!”

May 13, 2008

Friends Forever……….

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Its rightly said-“Old is gold”.
Special place in my heart you hold.
I have many friends,
With only your name stenciled in bold.
Whenever,I think of times spent together,
Past memories,in front of me,unfold.
And tears from my eyes roll,
Hard it gets for my feelings to control.
Whenever,I think of you going away,
My nerves feel cold.
So,better be with me,

Till in the hands of god,I’m sold………..

Let me sleep for a while!!!

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Please let me sleep for a while,
As I have dreams that are piled,
Complain against me,they will file,
If I dont meet them,I’ll be a stubborn child.

Please let me sleep for a while,
As I am tired walking a mile,
And strolling besides river Nile,
Let me rest in my own,free style.

Please let me sleep for a while,
Life is full of Tribulations and Trials,
With people so very hostile,
Facing problems that are so versatile.

Please let me sleep for a while,
In my mothers soft tile(lap),
She sings lullaby’s to me,
And always wears a smile,

Please let me sleep for a while,
For when I flower and  bloom,
My eyes will want to rest,
But I’ll have no time worthwhile,
So why not use this hour that I’ve,
To sleep and sleep and sleep for a while.

April 29, 2008

“Still Miss Him” – ( Contradictory feelings )

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Wish life could just rewind,

Without grudges in mind,

To the best of moments spent,

By the beaches making mud-tents.

Passers by whispered, “For each other,we were meant”.

One day I happen to see,

Meeting in the park was he,

A girl, who knows,was she–

Sitting under the shade of a tree.

I see her on his lap,

Now I exactly know, why he gapped,

Torn apart was me-

When he said, he wants to be free.

Yes, She took him away from me………

And I was left with no choice,

But listen to my inner voice-

Which said only one thing-

“Hey Girl please dont tease the Strings, And let him fly on his own wings”.

Remembering him after a few years,

My eyes crammed with tears,

He is busy,

Deciding his own destiny,

Don’t know what went wrong,

For everything was just so strong,

So well-knitted,

Till the day we parted.

Today I follow the mantra-

No Long term-Forever Commitments, As Forever is a time too long.

So, be careful before you make one,

Coz the clippings of the moments spent together,

Will flash forever in ones memories and hit one till eternity !!

As it is rightly said- ” Some people in life are a part of you, even when you let them go. You never lose them coz you find the memories of time spent together still living in You”

April 24, 2008

A for Adjustment

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One has to adjust all the time,

Be it trains, Be it buses,

Be it share-cabs,

Its not always possible

For you to avail of a window seat……

Be prepared to be “the filling in the sandwich”……..

So here goes an adjustment…………….

Be it studies, be it work,

One has no choice but to be motile,

To get into the right place at the right time,

One has to move on,

So, that one can grab the best opportunities,

Which one would miss otherwise,

Had there been no mobility within one.

Adjustment is the spice of life.

Right from day one.

In fact the very first lesson of Civics.

The very 1st line in it, read–

Man is a social animal.

Man is born in a pliant environment and vice-versa…………….

The dictionary meaning itself is

Something you have to get used to.

So,being born as a human

In this Topsy turvy world.

There is no chance to run away from “Adjustments” n “Adaptations”….

“Make it” ….is the only option

Unlike “Take it” or “leave it”………

So be prepared………..To be Adaptable……….

March 5, 2008

Blessing In Disguise

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                     Once it so happened……I was waiting in the afternoon heat to get back home from college. I had an argument with my mom and so was really restless to get back home to apologize to her. You know the ‘BEST’ buses, the ‘BEAST’ on the Mumbai roads! Almost an hour late. Tired & frustrated waiting for an hour, I got in a chock-a-block bus. Adding to my woes, there was no place to sit. After standing for long time, I caught hold of one.                  

           This was just the intro to my experience, which starts now……

I was seated next to a lady. She was appealing and unlike some other passengers in the bus. Gesticulating, I smiled at her. She very kindly returned one back to me. Suddenly I found her ogle at me incessantly. She even started flattering me with words which I hadn’t heard before. Saying I had an engaging persona, I look like an angel…bla, bla, bla…I thanked her for those beautiful words whilst looking around to see the other passengers listening to the one sided conversation. I was embarrassed and thought of going for a change in seat. But to my anguish, there was no seat vacant. And I was too tired to stand. So could do nothing but continue sitting next to her. While she complimented me,for every monosyllable that I used ,to answer her.

Now she started getting a bit touchy and asking for a five for every stupid joke she cracked. She started sharing her personal experiences  “ aware” of the fact that I was not interested. Suddenly without my permission , she took my palm in her hand and started enchanting some holy mantras, asking God to bless me with Love, Luck & Success. I don’t know , but subconciously I gave my palm in her hands, so easily. I think I was hypnotized!Coming back to my senses, which happened soon, I got scared and sarcastically told her that I am not going to entertain her, any further.

I think God was on a Royal Holiday and had not done his job well , as he had failed to install the most important part (The Brain ) in that lady. Vague ideas started flowing through my mind and I thought , if I were rude to her , she could harm me by throwing some bad omen on me. I continued looking lost , ignored and embarrassed, with her besides me. 

I was just trying to think positive and was waiting to get back home, which was a few stops away. Coming back to the lady, now she wanted to exchange contact details and I became apprehensive and ignored her demand. The lady was insane. I say this b’cos she still gave me her number and asked me to keep in touch and meet up for a coffee some time or the other. I felt like laughing away to glory, but resisted from expressing it in front of her. What coffee was she talking about? I was waiting to get rid of her soon, forever.

At last the time arrived, I was just two stops away. She had to get down at a stop before me.She was trying to adjust her belongings and get up. To my surprise , I saw her hobble down the aisle and stand on her legs, when , I looked down to check what the possible problem would be. My heart drowned and , I was completely broken. Buried under the soil of my own rudeness, the rudeness that I used on the “ HANDICAPPED LADY.

Yes , she had no legs.She bore a crutch. Soon, I realized that, I was too rude to her and as a part of apology ,thought of accompanying her till the church, where she was supposed to go. She appreciated my gesture and I left her till the entrance of the church. The moment , we parted our ways. She said something, which I still remember, ” You are an angel sent by the Almighty to spread Happiness , you have a long way to go, nothing can stop you till you are done with your job of spreading Happiness.” These words were Greek and Latin to my ears, totally alien. But since that was the end of our conversation , I said Good Bye and took it as a compliment. 

 ( I reached home , still trembling, still feeling nostalgic about the whole incident. I hugged my mom, apologized to her. while narrating the entire Bus-Lady episode to her. She was scared too and consoled me. She advised me to take care in future. With her advise and smile, the day ended. )  

Next morning, when I got up I remembered the incident which took place in the bus and laughed over it.I took it as a bad dream, to be forgotten and deleted forever from my memories.But,over a cuppa tea and newspaper. What I see & What I read was truly unbelivable. Its really difficult to express them in words- my expressions, my feelings, when I read the Headlines of the newspaper. It said “ Bus No.33 had met with an accident at 2 pm at Mahim and all the passengers  were  mortally wounded.  

This line may be difficult for you to interpret the trauma that I was going through but believe me I was totally shaken as if I had seen a ghost in broad daylight. That was the time when I realized , what those ALIEN words ( which that lady said while parting) meant . 

May be I am being superstitious in thinking ,that the lady was sent by God to protect & save me from a near possible disaster. May be she was God’s messenger, May be she was my saviour. 

Still baffled, still dubious, still in a dilemma…………….Was my meet-up with the lady a mere coincidence or was it pre-planned by HIM=???      

February 5, 2008

I wish I were………….

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I have always been perplexed.

The first time when I came across this question,

What would you aspire to be?

I said I wish to be an airhostess.


School days passed by.

One day someone asked me the same thing again,

I took long to answer.

But then I said I wish to be a teacher.


This phase soon vanished.

Now I entered college with a bang,

To become a C.A.

Tried my best to work towards it.


But various reasons and I landed up doing my B.COM.

With all unusual and unexpected compliments on my height,

One fine dawn I was born as a model.

Started grooming myself wherever I went.


But this career-dream too was short lived.

Finally graduated with a distinction,

Sat idle at home for a month.

This period inspired me to do social service.


Parents were against my decision and so chucked it out.

Directionless and confused, started hunting for a job.

Didn’t get one of my type and so finally enrolled myself for MBA-entrance prep.

So, I am all focused, trying my fate to the fullest.


Lets hope for the best and wish this vision comes true.

But, yes am happy at the end of it,

I dreamt of being at so many places, all at once…

I wish to dream like this always…

The journey of dreams has just begun…

– For what is life without dreams………… 


 “ A Dreamer is the one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”“The daily struggle to achieve your goals may be difficult at times, but no goals means no dreams, which means no life”

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